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You are planning to build a new factory, or expand or renovate an existing factory to expand your production or business.

Looking for  a factory design, factory construction

QUOC CUONG company would like to introduce the design, construction of workshops for investors reference:

I. Basic steps of factory design:

Step 1: Basic design

Step 2: Design the technical profile of the workshop.

In addition, the design of the workshop should consult the investor when approving the project.

II. Basic design content: Including explanations and technical documents for the construction of the workshop.

1. The explanations of basic designs include the following contents:

1.1 Briefly describe the construction site, the design plan, the total area of the project, or the route plan for construction works by line; location and scale of construction items; The connection between the project items and the technical infrastructure of the area outside the factory ...

1.2 Technology options, technological lines for works with technology requirements, or requirements under GMP for the design of workshops ...

1.3. Architectural plans for works with architectural requirements such as office buildings, protection of workshops

1.4 Main structural plan, technical system, technical infrastructure of the workshop;

1.5. The plan for environmental protection, fire prevention and fighting according to regulations of industrial parks and clusters when designing workshops.

1.6 The list of major standards and standards applied when designing the workshop.

2. The basic design drawing section includes:

2.1. The drawing of the general ground of the project or the drawing of the plan of the project route for construction works by line;

2.2. Technical diagrams, technological line drawings for works with technological requirements of each workshop;

2.3 Architectural design drawings for works with architectural requirements; 

2.4. The drawings of the main structural plan, technical system and technical infrastructure of the project, connected with the technical infrastructure of the area.

III. Design content of workshop design:

Including design narrative, design drawings, related construction survey documents, construction cost estimates.

The design of the construction drawing is designed to fully demonstrate the technical parameters, materials used and the details of construction in accordance with the applicable standards and standards, ensuring the conditions for Construction execution

Core values when designing the factory that QUOC CUONG wants to bring to the investor: An economical solution for the design of workshops, building workshops.

In fact, there are many reasons to increase the cost of building a factory; In this case, the design unit chooses an unreasonable structural solution, or designs the components too large - excess durability. Unreasonable structural solutions often fall into the solution of foundation, truss, and foundation.Some geological areas are very good, but the design team still chooses the foundation method as the weak soil area such as pressed pile foundation and pile. It is found that foundation on weak soil is 2-3 times higher than foundation on good soil and increases about 30% of construction cost. In addition, the foundation solution for the project is also of great interest. Normally we should choose the base on the natural soil (elastic system) or the foundation on the pile (hard structure), asphalt or concrete floor. Cement, all must be considered carefully because the factory has a very large substrate. We,


IV. We provide the complete package for customers from the design, manufacture, erection of pre-engineered steel buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings to after-sales warranty . Every year we supply the market with approximately 35,000 tons of steel structures equivalent to 140,000 m2 of pre-engineered steel buildings.

1. About pre-engineered steel buildings

With the economy growing more and more, industrial zones are growing, demand for human production is increasing. The design of factories, factories have increased the demand and are increasingly focused on companies.

Companies now use steel frame designs for more efficient and safer features than previous wooden workshop designs. QUOC CUONG architects are professionals in the field of  factory design , we always put the safety of customers to the top, the designs of QUOC CUONG always comply with the safety, convenience , the process of construction is closely monitored with strict procedures to ensure technical requirements.

The design of the workshop with pre-engineered steel is of great concern for the convenience and safety, only a few simple assembly steps to create a complete workshop. In order to minimize the time of construction on the site, the design of the workshop with the steel frame will help minimize the time of completion of the works. On the other hand, the steel frame houses can easily control the quality of the work in the production process. With many advantages such as low cost, fast construction time, low maintenance cost and easy to expand in the future, enterprises are gradually using steel frame factory instead of conventional factory building. .

2. About the design of the workshop

Factory design  in Vietnam now has many units manufactured and manufactured, aesthetic and economic and meet the construction progress. The use of factory designs largely needs to meet a number of key criteria:

   - Factory design usually has a large span, to meet a large and diverse production space. 
   - Factory design must meet the lowest construction cost. 
   - Factory design needs to meet fast progress. 
   - Factory design requires durable use. 
   - Can be reused or transported to a new location.

Pre-engineered steel buildings in high corrosive environments should use high corrosion-resistant steel or special anti-corrosive coatings.

Pre-engineered steel buildings near the sea should use high corrosion-resistant steel or special anti-corrosive coatings.

Pre-engineered steel buildings used for the production of paper packaging, leather shoes, textiles, plastics, and wood processing should use fire-retardant paint to coat prefabricated steel structures. , in order to prevent fire.

The design needs to have a roof to create ventilation. The design needs to have a bookshelter or ventilator on the top of the enclosure to expel the heat.

In order to meet the requirements of the factories, especially the factories in the industrial parks, after analyzing the solutions, the use of prefabricated steel structures is the most effective. The steel structure often exceeds the span, reducing the structural weight to the foundation, thus reducing the cost, the speed of construction and the accuracy of the steelwork. move to new location.

Typical pre-engineered buildings consist of the following three components:

  • Steel bars "I" used for the main frame (columns, trusses, beams).
  • Cold rolled sections are "Z", "C" for substructures (purlins, roofs, walls).
  • Rolled components (roof, wall).

All structural components of prefabricated and secondary prefabricated steel are cut, punched, drilled, welded and formed when transported to the site.The quality of pre-engineered steel buildings is always ensured as it is manufactured entirely in the factory and is subject to stringent inspection. At the site, prefabricated components at the plant will be linked together by bolts.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings is an extremely versatile home system that caters to all functions and exterior decorations to satisfy the most demanding architectural needs. The reason for this is that pre-engineered steel buildings are ideal for use in factories, warehouses, showrooms, supermarkets.

Main structure of pre-engineered steel buildings




Our pre-engineered steel buildings always meet the needs of the market, including the most demanding customers. The simple value we bring to you is durability over time.

In addition to the durability of the time, our pre-engineered steel buildings with accessories included are a silk robe worn on a dry skeleton, which makes your work more soft and flawless.

We believe that the contribution of a small part of you will bring great success for you.

We are a pre-engineered steel building company, pre-engineered steel building company specializing in providing pre-engineered steel buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings, pre-fabricated steel buildings.

V.  The process of erection of  pre-engineered steel buildings  at Quoc Cuong Bric.

  • Step 1: Preparing to erect
  • Step 2: Install the column
  • Step 3: Install the truss
  • Step 4: Install purlins, braces
  • Step 5: Calibrate the first time frame
  • Step 6: Next time
  • Step 7: Complete the remaining rooms
  • Step 8: Mount the roof
  • Step 9: Finish inspection before cover
  • Step 10: Install cover and finish


Principles of prefabricated steel buildings

  • Set up  the columns to join the purlin and brace the columns together. The column must be neatly aligned so that the truss can be installed.
  • Next, put the trusses on the inside and then proceed to erect the trusses outside
  • The installation should be started with wind bracing (tie columns and roof)
  • Fix two mounting frames at the wind brace before installing the adjacent bracket. This process is translated into the next frame.


  • During the erection, there must be a temporary brace. It should be used for roof purl, purl purlin combined with cable tie to position, link the frames together.
  • Installing the tole after calibrating the truss, straight purlins, cleanliness, paint finishes complete scratches on rafters and purlins.
  • When finishing cover: frequently use chalk or string to position or to mark the mold to balance the plate.
  • When walking on the roof to set foot on the lower wave (sound waves), if you step on the high waves will hit the tole, may cause diarrhea or leakage.
  • Do not walk up the light sheets 
  • Major production plants usually have the following items:

a / Guard house, gate, fence, garage

b / Office cubicles (office space for directors, office staff, meeting rooms, staff restrooms, office restrooms)

c / Serving units (cafeteria, specialist residence, worker's place, worker's place, worker's toilet). The main structure of these items is usually the pre-engineered steel frame. 

d / Main production workshops, raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, product quality control area. The main structure of these items is the pre-engineered steel frame.

e / Truck scale

f / The system of yards, internal roads, trees (to create beautiful scenery, reduce dust, reduce noise, increase oxygen gas, reduce CO2 gas, prevent fire spread), underground fire.

g / Waste water, solid waste, air

h / Local and district water supply and drainage systems, water towers (hydro-power stations). Water towers can be made of reinforced concrete or prefabricated steel frame.

i / fire prevention and fighting systems, fire fighting, automatic fire fighting, lightning protection; CCTV system around the factory.

J / Transformer station


Thiet ke nha tien che. Quoc Vuong Company Factory. Location: Binh Duong Province




Thiet ke nha tien che. Agro-processing factory. Investor: Mr. Nguyen Toan Dien. Location: Ea Sup District - Dak Lak Province



Pre-engineered steel buildings. The office + workshop of Phuong Vu Garment Company Limited, covering an area of 10.000m2, is built on a land area of 25,000 m2. This office + factory is the workplace of nearly 100  foreign experts and experts and more than 1,000 skilled workers, modern technology. Garment export to USA, Japan and Europe .... Designing the system of reinforced concrete pile foundation is very safe, the structure is prefabricated steel frame construction, using Q345 steel very durable, The wind is very cool , airy, anti-lightning system and modern fire safety. Internal road system Spacious parking lot. Design leader: famous architect Vu Anh Tuan. Design and construction unit: Quoc Cuong Trade Construction Co., Ltd. The next week began to pile. Location: Tram Chim Town, Tam Nong, Dong Thap.







Prefabricated house design. Factory design. Factory, Chuy Israel Export garment has an area of 3.3 hectares. Location: Cai Rang District, Can Tho City. The whole system of foundation and foundation is pressed pile D300 very solid. The system of columns, prefabricated steel buildings use high strength steel Q345, Epoxy paint on the entire surface of the steel frame so very durable with time. Lightning and fire protection systems are equipped with modern, very safe. The ventilation system is designed so that it is very well ventilated. The internal road system runs around the factory, separated from the surrounding buildings so it is well ventilated. The entire wall brick building with a wall thickness of 200 should be good insulation. FDI capital. Design leader: famous architect Vu Anh Tuan. Design and construction unit: Quoc Cuong Trade Construction Co., Ltd.




















Pre-engineered steel buildings. Restaurant design, restaurant building. Thien Thanh Restaurant has finished construction and put into use in 06/2018. Location: Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc District, Kien Giang Province.  Single  're set  design and building construction Company     Limited to build up trade Quoc Cuong . Design leader: famous architect  Vu Anh Tuan.     










DESKTOP PREPARATION. TRUONG TIEN RESTAURANT INVESTOR: ANH TIEN. LOCATION: Dak Nong province. JUNE 2018.  Truong Tien restaurant has the main structure is pre-engineered steel frame. The model is a beautiful civil pre-manufactured, 3-storey prefabricated building , pre-fabricated steel building 3 floors,  civil steel pre-fabricated 3 floors. On the first floor, the second floor is composed of steel girder and steel purlins, followed by a 6-inch thick floor toll, spread over 8 @ 200 mesh and paved with 1x2 250 stone, . Then install the iron railings, doors, windows, ceiling plaster, installation of electrical equipment, water, sanitary equipment ... This is a beautiful restaurant design. Interior design. 




Pre-engineered steel buildings. Hotel design. This 2-star hotel has an area of 24m x 26m each . Scale of 1 basement, 1 ground floor, 1 bed , 3 floors. The basement has reinforced concrete structure, the upper storey has prefabricated steel frame structure . The hotel has 45 rooms . Unit design and construction commercial construction Co. Quoc Cuong . Designer of famous architect Vu Anh Tuan . This is a beautiful hotel design, modern hotel design, model prefabricated civil. 





Prefabricated house design. Hotel design. This 3-star hotel has an area of 20m x 46m = 920m2. Scale of 1 basement, 1 ground floor, 5 floors. The basement has reinforced concrete structure, the upper storey has prefabricated steel frame structure. The hotel has 142 rooms. This is a pre-engineered steel building, a beautiful hotel. Design and construction unit Quoc Cuong Trade Construction Co., Ltd. Design leader: famous architect Vu Anh Tuan.


Nowadays, many civil works are designed as prefabricated houses, such as theaters, residential houses, wedding restaurants, event organizers, galleries ... Pre-owned houses To solve the problem of airy space for works, meet the demand for many people, fast construction time, not labor intensive as conventional reinforced concrete structure. Pre-manufactured houses have lower costs, save more on investment, built on weak soil more easily (due to their lighter weight), better earthquake.

       Quoc Cuong Trading Construction Company Limited has more than 20 years of experience in designing and building pre-engineered steel buildings, with a team of experienced and skilled architects and engineers, skilled craftsmen and equipment. Modern machines will meet the demand of good quality, aesthetics, ensure the progress of construction, safety, reasonable price for pre-engineered buildings, factories, warehouses, factories for the quarter. guest.

Hotline :  0988.55.88.79  ,  0903831312

Headquarter: 285 Vuon Lai Street, Phu Tho Hoa Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Email: qc@quoccuong.com.vn

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