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- Completing the design of house, villa design, the owner has in hand the components as follows: a complete set of detailed construction design specifications, construction license. This is the basis for continuing the work of selecting contractors to build houses, build beautiful houses, build villas.However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the above mentioned records, the landlord can proceed to check the records in the specialized units.

- The next job is to choose a contractor to build houses, reasonable villas. Reasonable means to be skilled, good quality, reasonable price, fast construction time, good labor safety. It is not easy to choose a contractor, though the number of home builders who build their villas is a lot. For most villa owners, the usual solution is to ask your acquaintance, asking them to refer to well-known contractors. This measure is quite safe, although not always successful. Of course, there are other ways to find a good contractor, depending on the understanding, relationship and the way each home owner works.

       A good contractor is a contractor: The contractor must have a university degree in construction (eg the Faculty of Construction _ Polytechnic University), with many years of practical experience outside the field, specialized in construction field, team Highly skilled commanders, highly skilled workers, highly skilled workers, complete construction equipment, direct construction (not delivered to subcontractors), reasonable price, labor safety , on schedule and especially minimally arising. The Board of Directors regularly checks the project, motivate staff and workers to work well, safe labor, ...

       The selected contractor must be a good contractor.

       Good contractor has a lot of experience and good capacity to give the investor a better and more beautiful home and villa.

       At present, many construction companies only receive the completed works and then sell them to subcontractors (the main contractor retains 15% - 30% of the contract value, subcontractors only account for 70% - 85% of the contract value). This will make the construction of poor quality, slow progress and subcontractors will arise much to offset the difference that the main contractor has blocked. Even the main contractor of the subcontractor's subcontractor has no contractual conditions for work in progress. ... Many of the supervisors of the subcontractor tend to be subcontractors (usually 1% 2% of the value of the works) make the building worse, etc. There are some cases where the subcontractor still sells the work to another team, often called B "(B commencement). which falls into these cases is considered complete failure, bitter swallowing, ...

  For example, if the main contractor receives a project worth 10 billion VND. The main contractor that sells the contract is 15% or 1.5 billion. The remaining subcontractor is 10 billion - 1.5 billion = 8.5 billion (on paper, the reality does not come) and the subcontractor also wants to make a profit of 10% or 0.85 billion and subcontracted workers also rolled The supervisor oversees the main contractor 1% or 0.085 billion. So the value of the work is only 8.5 billion - 0.85 billion - 0.085 billion = 7.565 billion. Not to mention the subcontractor's withdrawal from the main contractor + accountant + cashier of the main contractor made it difficult and subcontractors lost another significant amount of money. From here the subcontractor seeks to reduce the quality of work to compensate for the lost money. In this case the investor certainly get poor quality villa, fast deterioration, 

Meanwhile, if you direct the contractor to directly execute (you should choose the contractor directly construction) with a profit of 10% equivalent to 1 billion. The value of the remaining works is 10 billion - 1 billion = 9 billion and this makes the works much better than the case of selling the contract (because of the value of the construction contract is only 7.565 billion maximum, of course works will be of poor quality. It is difficult for sub-contractors to get the full amount of VND8.5bn from the main contractor. The main contractor and some key contractor staffs find this reason for deduction and subcontracting. These are very damaging to the owner and difficult for the workers involved in the construction of the villa (sub-contractors can not afford to pay workers timely compensation ...) 

If the subcontractor (usually called B ') sells the contract to another contractor (usually called B "), the value of the project is only 6.3 billion VND. The quality of the villas is very poor, they are degrading, they are half life and they are used for repairing, not even using them ... The main contractors that sell subcontracting are usually Poor quality, slow progress, not safe labor.

       The cost of building houses and villas depends on the capacity, prestige and responsibility of each contractor. The contractor has a high reputation, responsibility, good quality products, good aesthetics, reasonable price. Bidders who are weak, irresponsible, have no prestige will always receive lower prices and poor quality of work or incident. So the work quickly degraded, ...    

       Investors should not choose low-priced contractors (mostly contractors), because they will extract the workpiece, make poor quality works and draw up for profit. If they do not do this, they will work in moderation, extend the construction period and may abandon the work at any time. Some contractors bid low to lure customers, some customers see low prices and choose, so will be very harmful. Because when the bidder left the bargain they chose the poor quality material to compensate for the difference. For example: They choose fine sand, with impurities cheaper than clean sand with seeds up to 60% of cost. When buying sanitation equipment, the bidder will remove the exhaust valve and replace the exhaust valve (lower than 25%), remove the lid of the toilet instead of the cap (lower price of 20% - 25%), iron Doors made of iron thin, Wooden doors are of poor quality (cost is up to 30%) of water supply pipes used in combination (very fast aging, longevity), electrical appliances also use composite. Iron and steel are used in combination (cheaper than steel mill 12%), mixed with steel mill, .... These things do poor quality, fast deterioration. It is also very important that the contractor or the contract or the contract is unclear, many items that you do not belong to the profession is unknowable and to the public. You will find that the reality is lacking, unreasonable and require modification, the extra work will be right in the dark contractor's dark intent and must arise to the team price up or higher. The cost of the contractor is good. On the other hand, when you choose a cheap contractor, they do not have enough conditions to work on the safety of workers, the surrounding houses and people, and are likely to cause adverse consequences for the project and you are the first to suffer. When choosing the wrong contractors, you will see the shortage, affecting the work, life. Low cost contractors tend to suffer losses, so they find new build contracts at low prices (they only receive the lowest bid) and pay the new contract to compensate for the loss of previous projects. there. This is extremely dangerous, because the money for the second work offset the hole of the first work, similar to the third work to compensate for the second work and the next development is taking the second (N + 2) make up for the works (N + 1), stuff (N), ... By this time the hole is too much, they are out of control and run away, owe money to buy materials ... In this case you lose money without the works to use. Low price tenderers of course, they are weak in all aspects: weak expertise, lack of financial capacity, poor management. The suppliers of materials for these weak contractors are usually expensive, inadequate, and of poor quality (because they know the contractor is slow to pay, the ability to pay is not high enough, poor control, weak material management, material suppliers will overtake these weak contractors easily). This will result in large-scale construction in many aspects, leading to great harm to investor.

     Investors should choose good contractors, have many years of experience, professional, have good management ability, reasonable price and not sell the contract.

- After selecting a contractor to build a house, build a nice house, build a villa, the owner should transfer the technical design documents to the contractor to understand the house, villa, comments. In some unreasonable places (if any), creating favorable conditions for the construction work.

- Based on the technical design specifications, the construction contractor will estimate and issue a detailed construction quotation for the owner or the developer may also require the construction company to quote on the meter. Use the enclosed design drawings and a full range of supplies for the facility.

- After agreeing on the construction quotation, the landlord started to sign the construction contract with the contractor. After signing a contract with a good construction contractor, contractors should pay for the following items: Iron and steel, brick and mortar contracts, cement, doors, etc. So safe for work, not afraid of slipping

- There are 03 forms of cooperation between the owner, beautiful villas, beautiful houses and construction companies. The first is the form of turnkey construction (turnkey), which means the beautiful villa, the beautiful house handing over the entire responsibility for materials and labor construction of villas for the construction company. , to build contractors from AZ. This is the best construction contractor (because the contractor is active in its quality and materials to keep up with the progress of construction), it also makes the house owner easy to work, no worries. much about his work. The second form, is the owner of a beautiful villa, a beautiful part of the house, the construction company labor and part of the remaining materials. The most common home appliances are sanitary ware, kitchen equipment, ceramic tiles, water-based paints, mastic tiles, electrical appliances, etc. This is the choice of many people, with the advantage that beautiful villa owners can take the initiative in choosing the equipment and materials that form the dominant factor, avoiding the status of contractor building. Do not buy, but the effort and time to spend more. The third form, the owner of the beautiful house full of supplies, construction contractors only care about workers. This form is usually used only when the villa owner has plenty of free time, and also has some experience in building material selection. But if the owner of the villa is beautiful, the house is inexperienced, the wrong purchase of inferior quality materials, the amount of material suppliers cheating can cost more than the cost difference. By hiring a construction contractor to help. The form of contractor (third form) is only available to small contractors. With the advantage that the owner of beautiful villas can be active in choosing the equipment and materials, the form is the dominant factor, avoiding the situation that the construction contractor did not like, but work. and more time spent. The third form, the owner of the beautiful house full of supplies, construction contractors only care about workers. This form is usually used only when the villa owner has plenty of free time, and also has some experience in building material selection. But if the owner of the villa is beautiful, the house is inexperienced, the wrong purchase of inferior quality materials, the amount of material suppliers cheating can cost more than the cost difference. By hiring a construction contractor to help. The form of contractor (third form) is only available to small contractors. With the advantage that the owner of beautiful villas can be active in choosing the equipment and materials, the form is the dominant factor, avoiding the situation that the construction contractor did not like, but work. and more time spent. The third form, the owner of the beautiful house full of supplies, construction contractors only care about workers.This form is usually used only when the villa owner has plenty of free time, and also has some experience in building material selection. But if the owner of the villa is beautiful, the house is inexperienced, the wrong purchase of inferior quality materials, the amount of material suppliers cheating can cost more than the cost difference. By hiring a construction contractor to help. The form of contractor (third form) is only available to small contractors.


      Quoc Cuong Construction Company Limited is building a house in Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

        Good and large contractors usually contract in the first or second form.

       If the developer chooses a professional contractor, the contractor should provide the contractor with supplies, because good contractors often buy large quantities of supplies for many projects, so the supplier Grade material sells at cheaper prices than self-procured homeowners and good contractors are regular customers of construction material suppliers so suppliers do not dare to recheck goods in quality as well as quantity. Investors will buy the materials themselves will pay higher prices, easy to be cheat suppliers in terms of quantity and quality of materials.

- Procurement of materials can be done after step 6, but nowadays building materials prices fluctuate incessantly, the preparation to buy materials soon can avoid price escalation, avoid arising cost, and can be more active in organizing construction. So after signing a contract with a well-established contractor, contractors should buy the main materials such as iron and steel, brick, cement, door types. .... so safe for work, not afraid of slipping.

- For raw materials, the technical requirements are above all, so it is not necessary to choose materials that are both good quality and beautiful because it would be unnecessarily expensive. For example, building foundation is not necessary to choose type A brick, but choose brick type C because bricks are too old, partly covered with clay, good compression is suitable for the foundation of the house. lowland. As for finishing materials, besides looking at the quality, do not ignore its appearance as this finishing material will be the "face" of the home. Bricks, tiles and walls are of different types and designs.

- At the same time, the landlord needs to do some work for neighbors and residents in the area. Specifically, to talk about, asking for permission to start the upcoming, thanks to them to help facilitate the construction of the villa. At the same time, it is also a good idea to check the current status of houses in the surrounding area so that when building, if affecting their houses (structural cracking, sinking, etc.) The specific basis for negotiating compensation, also avoided the situation "muddy water stork" (buffalo lance usually buffalo), can degraded situation, damaged their home before the house was built, But I still have to take responsibility, ...

- There are many construction companies and contractors in the whole country. However, the number of experienced and conscientious construction companies is not good. Should we advise you how to choose the construction contract as follows:

  The selected contractor must be a contractor who has been trained at the University of Construction (eg Polytechnic University - Faculty of Construction) ... and has worked for many years in the project, has built many works. So, they have drawn a lot of experience to do something to make the works are good (no subsidence, no cracks, no flooring, no walls, no electrical problems, no leaks water drainage ... beautiful house for beautiful villas and suitable feng shui). Construction equipment must also be adequate and skilled workers. It is also very important that the contractor be conscientious with his profession and work. Direct construction, not to sell the contract. 

  You miss the contractor non-experience, irresponsible, without conscience, the project is not good, fast downgrade, money loss, disability.

  The quality of works, beautiful houses, villas depends on the quality of materials and especially the construction techniques. If the materials are good and the construction techniques are poor, the works are of poor quality. Only good contractors and many years of experience have good construction techniques, so the works are of good quality.

   Please note the following: With the same design drawings, the same type of materials used for the project, the contractor has good capacity, many years of experience will implement the works of better quality and Ensure the right progress of construction. Also with that design and the same material that the contractor lack of experience, have the ability to perform weak construction quality will be worse, long construction time, the level of safety is not guaranteed. The cost of the contractor has a lot of experience, good capacity may be slightly higher than the contractor's non-experience, weak capacity. In return, you choose the experienced contractor will have good products, longer life, no cost to repair and repair, ... Money must be repaired due to wrong choice of contractors will be higher The price difference and the product is also not sustainable ...

     Construction of beautiful houses, beautiful villas worth 10 billion. Some contractors are willing to give up VND9 billion (ie less than VND1 billion). In return, these contractors will use weak structural reinforced concrete system, weak foundations (customers can not be detected). During the construction of beautiful villas, these contractors also colluded with the owner's supervision cheating other structures. The contractor monitors the owner cheat cheat very much, often up to 30% of the value of the works. So the real value of the beautiful villa project when done is only 9 billion x (70%) = 6.3 billion. Life expectancy of the workshop, warehouse will be greatly reduced (about 50% ) and easy to cause incidents for people and machines during use.

        There are a number of investors when the construction of large and too busy to ask the consultant to choose the construction contractor and have a lot of negative as follows: the person who the investor consulted always have the company Their backyard, so when the investor put several contractors they themselves invited to participate in construction quotes. This adviser informs the backyard company of the price of some of the contractors that the owner invites themselves and the consultants find ways to make it difficult for other contractors to refuse to continue to participate and ultimately the company. Backyard of construction consultants. The backyard company is certainly not good and also has to spend the consultants 10% of the value of the building. During the construction process, they together with the back yard company to cut a lot of things, reducing the quality of work to compensate for their (consultant) block catering company backyard 10%. The temple closes his mouth. Poor backyard contractors, the consultants of the owner never talked to them. Therefore, Quoc Cuong Construction Company Limited recommends that you choose the construction contractor, do not go through the intermediary (the consultants), certainly the above negative.

       Even if the owner of the investment team would like to keep the price confidential, the consultants will do the following: For example, investors have quoted the bidder of 9 billion dong and 9.2 billion dong respectively. VND (the project has a real value of 9.2 billion). The company's backyard consultants have a price of 10 billion. In addition, the consultants have colluded very well with their backyard company to make 10 discounted letters with a red seal (they are stored in the bag). These discounts decreased by 0.5% to 10%, respectively, down 50 million, down 100 million, down 200 million, down 300 million, down 400 million, down 500 million, down 600 million, down 700 million, down 800 million, down 900 million. When the consultants open quotation results, the opening bid of two contractors of the investor himself is valued at 9 billion and 9.2 billion. Then the consultants know the price of the company's backyard is 10 billion, their market told them to take a discount letter 900 million VND sandwiched into the quotation of the company backyard.They told the owner that the price of the backyard company was down from 10 billion to 10 billion (9 billion) and 9 billion billion (between 9 billion and 9.2 billion). Of course, the investors are not professional, blindly trust the consultants, so the consultants say that the backyard company will be better, better techniques and defame the other two companies. Eventually the owner chooses the backyard company of the consultants (so we finished the dark plot).The consultants will receive 10% of the contract value from the backyard company and of course they have to protect their company during the construction process with bad quality (10% common). In the end, you receive a poorer quality villa than the contractor you invite yourself and choose yourself (because the building was eaten by tenants). Right before and during the selection of contractors, the consultants have been fraudulent, in the course of the process of construction quality also.

     In the case of two contractors, the investors have the price of 9.3 billion dong and 9.5 billion dong respectively. The company's backyard consultants have a price of 10 billion. The consultants took a 600 million dong discount on the company's back yard quote. They told the owner that the price of the backyard company would decrease from 10 billion dong to 10 billion dong (9.4 billion dong) and 9.5 billion dong (between 9.3 billion dong and 9.5 billion dong).

       Therefore, Quoc Cuong Construction Company Limited recommends that you choose the construction contractor, do not go through the intermediary (the consultants), certainly the above negative.    

   To know the contractor well, experience, .. You should directly consult the contractor, see the license from which year, see the works they have been doing, ask the landlord before personality and product of the contractor.

  Quoc Cuong Trade Construction Co., Ltd, we have well-trained architects and engineers, over twenty years of experience and good heart, skilled workers, experienced workers, construction equipment. modern and complete to complete the works with the best quality, the most aesthetic for your work. Please come to Quoc Cuong Company to receive good service with the best quality, reasonable price. You can find more information on  building house.






Quoc Cuong International Construction Company Limited is constructing a house, building a garden house, building a villa in Can Duoc district, Long An province.



Building . Quoc Cuong Company is building a beautiful semi-classical architecture in HCM City













Nice hotel, design hotel, 3 star hotel. Location: Hong Ngu Town, Dong Thap Province.







   Company  Q Convention Cuong are building a home, the hotel has modern architecture in Dong Thap


     Lastly, we wish you the best of luck and prosperity in the construction of  beautiful villas for yourself, a job is not simple! 

      Engineer Vu Thu Cuong (graduated from Da Nang University of Technology in 1994, Faculty of Civil and Industrial Construction) - Director of Quoc Cuong Trade Construction Co., Ltd.

Headquarter address: 285 Vuon Lai, Phu Tho Hoa Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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